April 7, 2022

Dr. Jerry W. Light, Sr.   -  

In the comic strip, “Calvin and Hobbes,” Calvin is at school, and his teacher is attempting to teach the class: “If there are no questions, we will move on to the next chapter,” said the teacher. “I have a question.”

“Certainly, Calvin, what is it?” asked his teacher.
“What’s the point of human existence?” Calvin retorted.
“I meant any questions about the subject at hand,” his teacher responded.
“OH,” said Calvin frankly, “I’d like to have the issue resolved before I expend any more energy on my studies!”

While I get a laugh out of Calvin’s motive, a part of me can also appreciate his question. Deep down, we long to settle the question: “What’s the point of our human existence?” It is the ultimate questions that give meaning to each moment of life.

That is exactly why Easter is so very special! It is a celebration of God’s answer to our question about the ultimate purpose of life. Not that God hasn’t revealed himself throughout human existence…certainly we see God’s power in creation; a creation that can fill our souls with wonder and awe! There exists within creation a sense that there is a personal and perpetuating power to whom we belong. Certainly, we see this in the entire life and ministry of Christ. God’s power and love in the incarnation has come close to us. It is here to heal us and set us free. But perhaps no-where is God’s ultimate word of response more settled and summed up than in the empty tomb.

In fact, cemeteries, and tombs have often been known to tell us a lot about a person. Tombstones themselves are often said to be a summation of one’s life. Perhaps the greatest tomb known to humankind was that discovered in our lifetime… King Tuts tomb discovered in Egypt. He ruled around 1344 BC…at the age of 9 (can you imagine your 10-year-old ruling?) He ruled only a brief time and died. He was incredibly wealthy! It took archaeologists seven weeks to get the treasures out of his tomb. There were seven model boats. All kinds of gold and jewel encrusted chairs, thrones. There were many chests all laden with gold, and solid gold masks. Consider by contrast the simple tomb of Jesus. It was not even made for him, it was borrowed. King Tuts life, legacy, and wealth was just a footnote in history. Jesus’ borrowed tomb changed the world.

There is the ultimate demonstration of God’s power in Christ. It was the final fulfillment of countless prophesies regarding the coming of the Messiah, God’s very own; including not only how he’d been born but how he would die…be buried…his grave…and his resurrection. One of which we read from Isaiah as we began our celebration this morning…1,000 years before Christ; six hundred years before the crucifixion was developed. It was the definitive demonstration of power over all of life. It transformed fearful lives, infusing them with courage and hope…from which to change the world. May the celebration of Easter this year bring you closer to him than ever before. God bless you all!


In Jesus’ love,
Dr. Jerry Light