June 23, 2022

Dr. Jerry W. Light, Sr.   -  

I’ve heard author Frank Peretti compare our culture’s hunger for biblical absolutes to the need for authority on a neighborhood playground in the summertime. Posted on the fence of the playground are some rules: “No hitting. No profanity. Only age ten and under on the monkey bars. Only age eight and  older on the basketball court. Ten minute limit on the tetherball court.” The rules work well because mingling through the crowd of children is Mrs. Kravitz. She has a keen eye, and if you misbehave, she will give you a pink slip. Two pink slips and you’re out of the playground for the summer.

But take Mrs. Kravitz out of the picture. How long do you think it will take before the rules begin to be violated? “Hey, he hit me!” “She spit on me!” “Hey get those big kids off the monkey bars! Little kids are getting hurt!” “Hey, he cut the tetherball off!”

Who will soon rule the playground? The biggest, the strongest, the most antagonistic. That’s what is  happening all around us because there is no regard for the rules. The 10 commandments are no longer obeyed, and the Bible is no longer respected as a source of authority in our culture, largely because it is not preached from our pulpits as the Word of God. Preachers don’t have the ability to “hand out pink slips,” but we do have a duty to uphold the truth of God’s Word and sound a clear and absolute understanding of Truth from God’s word. God is not obscure and the church is not obsolete.

Before LBJ’s war on poverty the primary source for help outside of family and friends was your local church. The church knew the needs, first hand, and had a level of accountability with those who had needs. Now the welfare system is basically a system of rewards for the needy from the politicians who pretend to take care of them. It is the primary method of destruction of the family unit in America. We need to take back our rightful role in society. The Church must not be passive but active in our communities. May we recapture our vision and again become “Mrs. Kravitz” in our community and culture. God bless you all!


In Jesus’ love,
Dr. Jerry Light