June 9, 2022

Dr. Jerry W. Light, Sr.   -  

Sunday morning, we considered the beginning of the church and the giving of the Holy Spirit. Remember that the church is not buildings or organizations, it is people that comprise the body of Christ. Scripture tells us “If anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation, the old has gone and the new has come,” (2 Corinthians 5:17). The coming of the Holy Spirit signifies the outpouring of both God’s promise and presence within the life of every child of God. No longer do we walk in the spirit of the flesh, but we are now led by the Spirit of the living God. The wonderful reality that the Spirit of God is now indwelling every soul who has been saved by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
You are not a Christian until you receive a new nature and if you receive a new nature there will be evidence.
You can educate a pig to stay out of the mud and eat differently, but on a hot day with fellow pigs he will resort to his normal nature and dive happily into the mud. If you could give him a new nature, say, the nature of a cat, when the test of a hot day and welcome mud came, he would not be happy in the mudhole even if his friends persuade him to join them again, he has a new nature, new desires. He does not think he is better than them, he just does not enjoy those things anymore. It is not our will but the will of Christ that guides us. Allow His Holy Spirit to change you from the inside out. God bless you all!


In Jesus’ love,
Dr. Jerry Light