The congregation decided in 1900 to build a new church at its present location, Dallas Avenue and Lauderdale Street. The architecture reflects the admiration of the period for High Gothic. Gargoyles serve as rain spouts on the massive stone tower and the original slate roof has just recently been replaced. Stained glass windows from the old church were saved and installed in the new one.

The Sanctuary holds the Worship Auditorium, Choir Room, Handbell Room, and the Speir Parlor.

Also know as the Old Educational Building or the Renovated Building.
The Old Educational building holds the Youth Center, Social Hall, Young Adult Sunday School class, Children’s Church room, and various adult Sunday school classes

The New Educational Building holds the Church Offices and Library, Nursery, Davidson Chapel, Mallory Parlor, McCrummen Fellowship Hall, and various children adult Sunday school classes.