DeVotie Building | Upper Floor

This is a time for the kids to gather with a leader to study, listen, and learn more about God, and His son, Jesus.

We  have children’s church for 1st grade through 3rd grade. When you hear Jesus Loves You played on the piano come down to the front for a short children’s message then exit the sanctuary. The kids go to the children’s church area worship and/or prayer time, and then our 4/5 year olds will transition into their own room. The older kids stay in the large room for bible study with Mrs. Renee!  Children’s Church is in the DeVotie Building. The atmosphere is safe and age-appropriate…and most important, it’s fun. The kids love it!

Parents: You can pick up your child after morning worship, on the upper floor of the DeVotie building. For facility map, click here.